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7 Reasons Why Rick Moranis Needs to Make a Comeback

1. His Last Credit Was 'Big Bully'

Outside of some voiceover work, Moranis's last role was the Tom Arnold co-starrer, Big Bully. If you are not familiar with this fine film, here is a screenshot from Rotten Tomatoes:

It’s safe to say that this movie was so bad that Moranis viewed the role the same way a homosexual views their last straight relationship before fully committing to the other team. This was the final straw and after its release, Moranis took a hiatus and never looked back. His last role before this? Little Giants. That should have been his swan song, a film we can all get behind due to its Iceboxes and Annexations of Puerto Ricos. But alas it was not the case and he needs one final role to go out on. To be his legacy.

2. He Was the Original Quirky Nerd

In the 80s, the quirky nerd didn't come in the form of a super attractive girl with thick-framed glasses who everyone was in love with. They came in the form of a short, nebbish man with thick framed glasses who everyone adored. His name was Rick Fucking Moranis.

3. He's Since Recorded a Country Album

And been nominated for a Grammy for that shit. The guy knows music. He's what we like to call a triple-threat (can sing, act, wear glasses). What am I getting at here? Little Shop of Horrors reboot and let Moranis call the shots.


4. Spaceballs

Oh, I'm sorry, did you need a reminder that Rick Moranis was a goddamn genius?

5. Parenthood Could Certainly Use Some Moranis

If you're not watching Parenthood on NBC, that's totally understandable. But it's a very good show! It's run by the guy who ran Friday Night Lights, meaning you're guaranteed at least three cries per episode. Very emotional this show! But since it's on NBC, it is promoted very poorly (SEE: Community, Parks and Rec). It's safe to say that a cameo by Moranis, who played the HELL out of a nerdy husband in the original, would give it the boost to reach a larger demographic.

This is what we like to call “star power”:


The world needs more of THIS:

7. Ghostbusters 3 Would Finally Happen

Oh Bill Murray’s not interested in giving this the green light? No desire to revisit these characters? What if I told you, Bill Murray, that Moranis was back in the fold? That the Keymaster had returned? Yes, Bill, sign right there.

Let’s do this.

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