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BWAAAHHHH: The Inception Sound Sitcom

Hollywood Executives love the Inception sound so much, they want it in everything. From Pacific Rim, Battleship, Transformers, and GI Joe straight to your favorite prime-time comedy. Instead of Laugh Tracks, it's BWAAAHHHHH, BWAHHH, BRAAAHHHHH, BAAHHHHHH.

Written by Heather Anne Campbell
Directed/Edited by Payman Benz
Starring Joe Chandler, Eric Moneypenny, Curtis Rainsberry, Jeff Sloniker, Heather Anne Campbell, Stephanie Allynne and Hal Rudnick
Cinematographer (Office Scenes) – Chris Darnell
Cinematographer (Sitcom) – Zach Zdziebko
Sound (Office Scenes) – Joanne Wu
Sound (Sitcom) – Joe Sloan
Produced by Michael Busch for The Midnight Show

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