By: Erin Gibson

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Michelle Obama Bangs Inspire Everyone To Get Bangs

House majority leader Eric Cantor used to be known for his stink face, but with his new bangs, he's strutting around D.C. looking fresh faced and fancy free. 


The NRA spokesperson is passionate about three things – gun rights, gun rights, and pop-inspired front fringe! Move over Pink, Wayne LaPierre's coming for your look! And he's definitely packing…hair heat! 

Is that Anna Wintour or America's hottest conservative loud mouth? I'll give you one hint – it's Rush! 

Todd Akin may have shamed himself into obscurity with his wrong-headed, ill-informed, stupid, anti-woman, unempathetic statements about rape and general lack of knowledge as to how women's bodies work, but one look at this adorable cut and he'll have woman asking "Was that the jerk who got it all wrong, or is that someone who does everything right?"

Michelle might have rolled her eyes at the idea of a Boehner Bang, but the proof is in the pudding. This speaker of the house spoke loud and clear "Give me bangs, or give me death!"

Sheriff Abdalla is an expert at covering things up, but this time, it's his forehead! With a blunt cut bang, he's ready to investigate crimes…the right way! 

Criticizing Obama's policies will be much more fashion forward now that this Supreme Court judge is on trend. 

Vice president Biden is ready for summer with this California casual bang! 

Just because you're the Senate majority leader doesn't mean you have to be boring! And these  multi-dimensional bangs are the proof! 

A self inflicted scandal can crush the strongest of men, but sometimes the best cure is a fresh do. 

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