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“Bros” Trailer (An HBO Girls Parody)

This new web series follows four Bros as they face the endless challenges of careers, relationships, and their own quarter-life-crisises as they stumble through life in their less than welcoming home of New York City.

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Written and Directed by Anthony DiMieri
Executive Producer: Anthony DiMieri
Producers: Anthony DiMieri, Jason Ano, Mike Berlucchi, Joseph Lombardi, Ted Maniatakos, and Lilah Wilson
Mom: Rose Fiore
Dad: Bill Kozy
Mike: John Michael Hastie
Tyler: Peter Hourihan
Drew: Matthew Jacques
John: Steve White
Michelle: Emily Drooby
Hipster Girl: Isabelle Owens
Bartender: Ted Maniatakos
Bar Patron: Joseph Lombardi
Director of Photography: Mike Berlucchi
Camera Operator: Jason Ano
Art Director: Lindsey Copeland
Production Sound: Neil Seidman
Editor: Joseph Lombardi
Sound Design: Justin Kooy
Assistant to the PA: Jason Musante Klein
Special Thanks: Pat Connolly, Zach Coppola, Jon Delgado, Rocco DiMieri, Vicky Ferraro, Kevin Jornlin, Libation NYC

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