By: Ross H. Martin

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The Octo Circus

This little film is a spoof comedy on society. Inspired by the Octo Mom story. It's jam-packed with props and gags. Just when you think you've heard and seen everything something extraordinary comes along. In difficult times, people need a good laugh and sometimes need to laugh at themselves. Clowns are people too. Look around you. They may not be wearing make-up but they're there in hospitals, on reality TV, sitting next to you on the bus and in traffic. HONK! HONK! We're all clowns and the whole world's our stage. Smile. 🙂

Director Ross H. Martin, Actors: Sean Kinney as Howdy the Clown, Lisa Clumeck as Mrs. Clown, Andrea Pandazedes, Tara Macken, Jebbel Arce and Robert Klinger as Dr. Mime.

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