By: Padma Lakshmi

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Padma by Padma

This Valentines Day be sure to buy something for your lover from Padma Lakshmi's new clothing line, Padma by Padma.

Starring Padma Lakshmi
Also Starring: Brian Huskey, Shannon McMahon, Bryan Safi, Tia Barr, Andrew Grissom & Joe Carnegie
Writer: Bryan Safi
Director: Nick Corirossi
VO: Nick Wiger & Erin Gibson
Producer: Betsy Koch
Editor: Caleb Swyers
1AD: Genghis Jorgensen
DP: Aaron Ulrich
Cam Op: Ricky Fosheim & Kevin Stewart
Gaffer: David Cronin
Art: Caity Birmingham
Wardrobe: Kelly Walker
Sound :BoTown Sound
Production Coordinator: Andrew Grissom

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