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Zero Dark Thirty: The Musical

The greatest manhunt in history has become the greatest musical of all time.

Directed by: Jordan McKittrick
Edited by: Corey Sherman
Lyrics by: Christina Wolfgram
Music by: JJ Kirkpatrick, Christina Wolfgram
Story by: Jordan McKittrick, Abbe Drake, Dean Moro, Corey Sherman, Christina Wolfgram
Sung by: Abbe Drake, Christina Wolfgram and JJ Kirkpatrick
Anne Hathaway/Osama: Abbe Drake
Jessica Chastain: Christina Wolfgram
Water Boarding Soloist: JJ Kirkpatrick
Featured Female Dancer: Elly Glavich
Male Dancers: Dean Moro, Corey Sherman, Graham Higgins, Sharif Shakhshir, Jordan McKittrick, JJ Kirkpatrick

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