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Let These Awesome Photos of Comedians See The Light of Day

Photographer Seth Olenick has a distinct eye for capturing funny people. His shots are so ubiquitous, you’ve probably seen them countless times: in magazines, on the Internet, movie posters, Twitter avatars ‘pretty much everywhere pictures are seen. Name a comedian, and Olenick has probably taken that person’s photo. After a solid six years working on this project, Olenick is now putting together a book called Funny Business, capturing all the comedy Olenick has spied. There’s a Kickstarter campaign going, and as fellow purveyors of the comedic arts, we urge you to donate and appreciate the tireless work of this comedy scene staple. Behold!

Adam McKay

Andy Dick

Charlyne Yi

David Wain

Human Giant

Janeane Garfalo

Ken Jeong and Mike O'Connell

Kerri Kenney Silver

Thomas Lennon

Tig Notaro

Here’s that Kickstarter link again. Make this happen! And follow Seth on Twitter!

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