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K&A: Julie Klausner Chats With Rachel Dratch About SNL, Roasted Meats, and More

In issue #006 of The Occasional Julie Klausner chats with writer and SNL alum, Rachel Dratch. Check out the latest The Occasional for the full interview.

What is the most Debbie Downer-ish thing about you?
Though overall I think of myself as a pretty positive person, Debbie Downer does live within me, mainly because I read way too many news websites and fixate on these horrible stories, and then I'll be out with people and the story will be running through my head, but unlike Debbie D, I censor myself from blurting out my depressing fact. When you are talking to me at a party, chances are I am thinking “Too bad that at this moment herds of elephants are being slaughtered for their ivory. ” WAAAH WAAAAH.
What were you like as a little kid? Besides fucking adorable?
I thank you for that. As a little kid I was very shy. I would hide behind my mother when a stranger said hI to me. But at the same time, I was drawn to movies and shows. I remember seeing things like Wizard of Oz and Sound of Music and thinking, “How do I get to do that? I wanna be one of those von Trapp kids!”
Me, too. Please tell us your side of the story about when you and Amy Poehler went to see Inception while you were both extremely pregnant and you got up to pee and missed the ending.
No, that's not what happened! We went to see Inception, and as you said, were both quite pregnant. Right from the start I was like, “Oh no. WTF is up with that spinning top, and why do I get the sinking feeling we are never going to find out?” Anyway, I think we were both getting confused by the movie, and losing patience, but not sharing that fact with each other. During the movie Amy gets up to go to the bathroom and when she came back I whispered, “While you were gone they explained everything.”
Amazing. How are you and your kid different?
Hmm. He's a pickier eater than I am. He's a little iffy at counting once he gets to 15, while I can count all the way to 100. And he sometimes cries and puts up a fight when it's time to put his pants on, which I usually don't do.
I've spoken to former SNL castmembers who say they still have bad dreams about sleeping through the show. Do you still have any SNL anxiety dreams?
Wow. Good question! I think I used to have anxiety dreams, where I'm screwing up and in trouble on the show, but now I have these sort of wish-fulfillment dreams, where I'm back on the show and it's really fun, and I wake up all nostalgic.
When you and Will Ferrell did those “lovahs” sketches in that hot tub, was the water warm? Did anybody ever touch your wet leg underneath the water in an inappropriate way?
The water was warm! And we were eating real roasted meats! No inappropriate touching, though Will used to make these quiet little groaning noises, “Euughhhhhh!! Uahahhhgghhghhgh!,” that only I could hear while others were doing their lines and that's what set me off laughing in the hot TUB!

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