By: Kulap Vilaysack

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Hire Eugene & Kulap For Hawaii Five-O!

Actors Eugene Cordero and Kulap Vilaysack are natural fits for Hawaii Five-O. Show producers: email to make their dreams come true!

Starring Eugene Cordero and Kulap Vilaysack
Featuring Nick Corirossi
Written by Kulap Vilaysack
Directed by Nick Wiger
Produced by Ally Hord
Edited by Caleb Swyers
DP: Kevin Stewart
Gaffer: Dave Cronin
Key Grip: Ricky Fosheim
PA: Andrew Grissom
Wardrobe: Jacquelyn Moran
Sound: Danny Carpenter for BoTown Sound
Art Directors Tricia and Mike Robertson
Hair/Makeup: Jessica Leigh Schwartz

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