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A Track by Track Breakdown of Justin Timberlake’s ’20/20 Experience’ By Joey Fatone

Hey guys, Joey Fatone here wuddup. Just got the new JT album a day early (LOL I had a hook up, but that's just part of the perk of being famous ‘ haha no bigs). Its ok – DEFINITELY NO 'NO STRINGS ATTACHED' but what is lol? But I wanted to give you my thoughts even tho i obviously have some biases because me and 'Timbo' (that's what we used to call him) are best friends forever. JT if your reading this, give me a call (on my cell) to talk more about it. Would love some of that classic JT/JF back and forth!
Pusher Love Girl
This is a hot track to open an album for sure. But I kind of wanted it “go there” a little more you know. Thats something i used to tell Timbo back in '98 and its something i tell my Singing Bee contestants and then we all become best friends because everyone loves my advice lol
Suit and Tie
This is my jam right now! The combo of the Jay and 'J' (that's what me and Chris Kirkpatrick (“Kirk”) called him when we were in a hurry (less syllables u know and sometimes we were in a hurry because the choreography takes a lot of time)) is unstoppable! Could have used another J tho, if you know what i mean
Don't Hold The Wall
Just to clarify that J i was talking about is me. My name is Joey and starts with a J. These are the types of things me and “J-Blake” talked about one time on set while we shot the video for “I Want You Back” which in my opinion (and critics opinion 😉 haha) is the greatest pop song of the 90s and probably ever hahah
Strawberry Bublegum
JK about that being the best song. This is the best song ever!!!!. “TimberJay” (last year i left him a voicemail that called him that, it was supes funny tho he didn't call back but it's not like he ever has to. it's kind of like how your lover is the only one you can be mean to because they see all sides of you you know?) u did it again!
Tunnel Vision
Spaceship Coupe
Everything okay J? You need me to help u out? These last couple songs were not as fun as others 🙁
If you want to talk about it and dance thats cool lmk
That girl
For the sake of clarity i want everyone to know the 'J' i referenced in my review of “Spaceship Coupe” was referring to Justin Timberlake, the pop singer and former 'N Sync performer. Not Joey Fatone, the talended host of a variety of television programs who has a lot on his plate because he is a star of the multimedia and probably doesn't even have time for phone calls.
Let the Groove Get in
oh snap we're back! Justin i knew you had it in you!!!!!!!! Call me to talk about it you're still in my T-Mobile Fave 5 our calls are free
For the clarification and clarity, i called Justin “Justin” during my review of “Let the Groove In” because sometimes you have to be serious and b real, u kno? That's the sort of thing adults like me and J-Rock (that's what I call Timbo when he's rocking out) talk about when we're being serious. Its not all fun games and dancing with us, but that's part of being best friends forever. u know each other inside and out.
Anyway, this song's aight. a little long lol
Blue Ocean Floor
Yo Justcallme (hahaha that's what we called him when he wouldn't call any of us back) call me plz i miss u. i'm also still on myspace and i saw that your on it too. you gotta check out my new wallpaper !!!!!

Final Thoughts:
Overall this album gets a solid B- from Joey Fatone. it is a very good record but when you've been around talent your whole life like i have as a celebrity you have higher standards, u kno? Thats not a comment on J* as much as it is a comment on the life of J**. Keep trying J***!!!!!!!!!
*J = Justin
** J = Joey Fatone, temporary guest host of “The Price is Right” and “Family Feud”
*** J = Justin again

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