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Law & Order, Lesbian Intent: The Musical

Crime procedurals have never been this hot! Mulasky and Whistler star in the latest Law & Order spin-off as lady cops who share more than a squad car…

Written by and starring: Liz Bolton and Beth Crosby
Directed and edited by: Andrew Putschoegl
Director of photography: Peter Hawkins
Music by: Markaholic
Choreography: Abbi Puanani
Featuring: Kelly Ewing, Jessica Lowe, Roxana Ortega
Dancers: Maxine Hupy, Lynhthy Nguyen, Brittany O ‘Conner, Mary Resser
Sound recording: Melissa Martine
Production support: Lauren Atchison, Aadip Desai, Natalie Figueroa, Joey Ready
VO: Vince Corazza
Sound mix: Elle Lipson
Color correction: Mike Pasley

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