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You'll see the rest, now watch the FIRST. Justin Long stars in the first biopic of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Also starring Jorge Garcia, James Urbaniak, and Michaela Watkins.

CAST (in order of appearance)
Justin Long ‘ ‘..Steve Jobs
Art Evans ‘ ‘..Ol ‘ Mose
Juzo Yoshida ‘ ‘..Otogawa
Brian Huskey ‘ ‘..Professor Palladino
Jorge Garcia ‘ ‘..Steve Wozniak
Allan McLeod ‘ ‘..Allan
Avin Das ‘ ‘..Homebrew Member
Ben Parks ‘ ‘..Homebrew Member
Madeline Wager ‘ ‘..Homebrew Member
Paul Walter Hauser ‘ ‘..Pastey Jones
Kevin Pedersen ‘ ‘..Twitchy Kyle
Jason Sheridan ‘ ‘..No-Eye-Contact Eric
Mike Carlson ‘ ‘..Skip Palewater
James Urbaniak ‘ ‘..Bill Gates
Michaela Watkins ‘ ‘..Melinda Gates
Jake Regal ‘ ‘..Bill
Mike Leffingwell ‘ ‘..Randy
Ben Rodgers ‘ ‘..Chris
Jesse Klein ‘ ‘..Mike
Andy Maxwell ‘ ‘..Andrew
Anne Rieman ‘ ‘..Joanna
Jennie Pierson ‘ ‘..Susan
Barak Hardley ‘ ‘..Dan
Danny Jelinek ‘ ‘..Don
Darcy Carden ‘ ‘..News Anchor
Bryan Safi ‘ ‘..Bill Lagattuta
Matt Mazany ‘ ‘..Apple II Consumer
Ian Pfaff ‘ ‘..Apple II Consumer
Antonio Scarlata ‘ ‘..Apple II Consumer
Jill Donnelly ‘ ‘..Annie Leibovitz
Steve Tom ‘ ‘..Don Commodore
John Ross Bowie ‘ ‘..John Sculley
Josh Fadem ‘ ‘..Rod
Joe Hartzler ‘ ‘..Robert Palmer
Carly Layne ‘ ‘..Garage Sale Customer
Brad Schultz ‘ ‘..Garage Sale Customer
Darnell Layne ‘ ‘..Garage Sale Customer
Charles Ingram ‘ ‘..George Lucas
Won Lee ‘ ‘..Technician
Andr ‘e Vermeulen ‘ ‘..D ‘arcy
Paul Rust ‘ ‘..Billy Corgan
Dashiell Driscoll ‘ ‘..Woodstocker
Darryl Gudmundson ‘ ‘..Woodstocker
Juliet Seniff ‘ ‘..Woodstocker
Ben Sheehan ‘ ‘..Woodstocker
Anthony Gioe ‘ ‘..Justin Long
Chris Poole ‘ ‘..Apple Engineer
Doug Anthony Jones ‘ ‘..Apple Engineer
Caleb Swyers ‘ ‘..Apple Engineer
Erin Gibson ‘ ‘..Box Office Reporter
Alex Richanbach ‘ ‘..Antz Fan
Sean Boyle ‘ ‘..Delgo Fan
Chris Mills ‘ ‘.. Woz ‘s Boss
Joe Farrell ‘ ‘..John Hodgman
Nick Corirossi ‘ ‘..Dell Dude
Kyle Mooney ‘ ‘..Father
Gavin Pierce ‘ ‘..Young Steve Jobs
Andrew Grissom ‘ ‘..Stanford Grad
Directed by ‘ ‘..Ryan Perez
Producer ‘ ‘..Allison Hord
Written by ‘ ‘..Ryan Perez
With additional material by
Danny Jelinek
Charles Ingram
Anne Rieman
Nick Corirossi
Allison Hord
Brad Schultz
Director of Photography ‘ ‘..Brian Lane
Production Designer ‘ ‘..Tricia Robertson
Art Director ‘ ‘..Mike Robertson
Set Decorator ‘ ‘..Joshua Wilmott
Leadman ‘ ‘..Corey Doyle
Andy Maxwell
Caleb Swyers
Ryan Perez
Pat Bishop
Chris Poole
Graphics ‘ ‘..Andy Maxwell & Caleb Swyers
Trip Sequences Designed and Edited by ‘ ‘..Danny Jelinek
Virtual Reality Scene Designed and Animated by ‘ ‘..Charles Ingram
Costume Designer
Melissa Gould McNeely
Wardrobe Assistants
Jenna Rainey
Kelly Walker
Makeup Department Head ‘ ‘..Chris Mills
Key Hair and Makeup ‘ ‘..Jessica Leigh Schwartz
Assistant Make-up Artist ‘ ‘..Brenna Haukedahl
Assistant Make-up Artist ‘ ‘..Jennifer Osborne
Associate Producer ‘ ‘..Katy Walker
Consulting Line Producer ‘ ‘..Michelle Fox
Production Coordinator ‘ ‘.. Becca Scheuer
Executive in Charge of Production ‘ ‘..Anna Wenger
Executive Producer Funny or Die ‘ ‘..Mike Farah
2nd Unit Director ‘ ‘..Danny Jelinek
1st Assistant Director ‘ ‘..Matt Mazany
2nd Assistant Director ‘ ‘..Andrew Grissom
Camera Operator ‘ ‘..Mike Karnell
1st Assistant Camera ‘ ‘..Ray Lee
2nd Unit Camera Operator ‘ ‘..Matt Sweeney
2nd Unit Camera Operator ‘ ‘..Aaron Ulrich
Gaffer ‘ ‘..David Cronin
Gaffer ‘ ‘..Kevin Stewart
Key Grip ‘ ‘..Jordan Downey
Grip ‘ ‘..Casey Donahue
Best Boy Electric ‘ ‘..Tom Pena
Eric Norwine
Allison Johnson
Sean Boring
Anthony DiBiase
Jessie Kelly
Rogelio Sanchez
James Henchy
Kyle Peters
Earl Fulcher
William Maxwell
Ryan Knouf
Danny Carpenter
Shannon Deane for Botown Sound
Post Production Sound Mixer ‘ ‘..Ray Lee
Head Accountant ‘..Will Beckstein
Accountant’.Paul Sepulveda
Accounts Payable Accountant ‘.Patrick Robinson
Payroll Accountant ‘..Julie Wunderlich
Payroll Clerk ‘ ‘..Andrea Gabriel
“Mr. Hard Work (Floating Through the Sky) ‘
Music by Honor Roll Music
Lyrics by Danny Jelinek
Vocals by Charles Ingram
“She Puts the She In She ‘
Music by Honor Roll Music
Lyrics and vocals by Scott Gairdner
“Lighting a Match (In the Dark) ‘
Music by Honor Roll Music
Lyrics and vocals by Scott Gairdner
Vocals arranged and mixed by Ben Sheehan
Antonia Loverso
Lisa Lumar
Carol Roberts
Andrew Steele
Jake Szymanski
This film was cut entirely on iMovie.
All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. In fact, everything you just saw is totally fictitious. A few of the names used might belong to real people, but literally everything that happened in this story was totally fake. Also, you have to admit some parts were pretty far-fetched or just plain impossible. Those scenes should have been a dead giveaway that this is a work of dubious realism. Point is, none of it happened. It ‘s all fictional, phoney baloney, a big crock of shit.
Made at Funny or Die
Hollywood, California

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