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10 Things Lauryn Hill Did With Her Money Instead of Paying Taxes

Lauryn Hill has been sentenced to three months in prison after failing to pay taxes on more than $1.8 million between 2005 and 2007. Here is what she did with her money instead:

  • Wadded it up and threw it at Pras.
  • Remastered the classic Fugees album ‘The Score’, replacing Pras’s vocals with random audio clips from the movie Bull Durham.
  • Bought all the copies of “Ghetto Superstar” she could find, called Pras, invited him to a fancy dinner and burned them all in front of him.
  • Held a star-studded awards ceremony to honor the ‘Top 3 Fugees Members of All Time’. Awarded one to Wyclef and two to herself.
  • Bought multiple cell phones for calling up Pras while pretending to be Maya, and claiming the record companies were putting together a “Ghetto Superstar” reunion tour. Then sent a private car to pick Pras up and drop him off in the desert.
  • Financially supported Pras’s family after he ran out of cash, but only on the condition that he enter into a “life-debt” situation where he became the Chewbacca to her Han.
  • Spent thousands tracking down and visiting all the other Pras’s in the world just to be able to tell them ‘you’re my favorite Pras”.
  • Paid all of Pras’s family members to ignore him on his birthday, then, when he finally asked why they were ignoring him, had them say it was because they were planning a big surprise party for him. There was to be no surprise party.
  • Paid Pras’s local pizza place so that each time Pras orders a pizza, the delivery guy brings it to the door and drops it on the ground, face down.
  • Bought copies of Sister Act 2 for everyone she knows (except Pras).

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