By: Eric Paczkowski

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Get A Job

Steve, (35) loses his job as a manager at Livingston media after 7 years. He is forced to move back in with his father Don, a Studio Executive and his 5 year old brother Zach. He has to share a room with Zach and this makes his living conditions and privacy hard to deal with, also comical. Steve goes on many interviews, but his best friend Jimmy, (35) a total slacker and huge gamer who thinks all his ideas are just “blow away” oh, and he lives with his mother. Jimmy distracts Steve all the time by asking for Steve's help. Steve alway helps Jimmy but now Jimmy is really getting on his nerves. Don sees Steve is trying so he offers to help get him a studio job, many of which he screws up because he has no knowledge of the jobs or “lingo” used by the skilled workers. Watch the funny situations Steve gets himself into and how his father finds innovative ways to motivate him. Also check out the cute women Don dates!

Eric P. Paczkowski Director / Writer / Producer / Editor
Timothy Talbott Actor / Writer / Producer

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