By: David Guzman

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The Sandlot 20th Anniversary DVD Special Features


  • Audio commentary by the dog that played the Beast
  • Original red-band theatrical trailer
  • Option to change the voiceover narration to Daniel Stern “Wonder Years” narration
  • ‘Where Are They Now?” feature of all the female actresses whose characters were cut from the film
  • Clip of all 208 takes it took to get Benny to hit the ball into Smalls’s mitt
  • Two free tickets to an Arizona Diamondbacks game at stunning Chase Stadium in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.
  • A bag of real sandlot sand! (*not from the sandlot featured in the film)
  • Music video of the “The Sandlot Shuffle,” the dance craze that swept the nation in 1993
  • A baseball card signed by Arizona Diamondbacks legend Hanley Frias!
  • Audition videos of the cast, including Patrick Renna (Ham) demonstrating he can vomit on command for the carnival scene
  • Instructional video for fathers and sons on how to play catch
  • Clip of Tom Guiry’s (Smalls) Tonight Show appearance where the actor tears up a picture of the Pope
  • Special message from Arizona Diamondbacks part-owner Billy Crystal on the benefits of ball club ownership
  • A bag of real cigarette ashes chain-smoked by Dennis Leary
  • Extended scene of Benny’s Babe Ruth dream, where the Great Bambino takes Benny to a brothel
  • $9,000 worth of “Diamond-Bucks” to be used for purchases at
  • Outtakes of James Earl Jones where he forgets that his character Mr. Mertle is blind
  • Footage of a 2005 congressional hearing where Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez deflects questions about steroid use
  • Ten more free tickets to the Diamondbacks game of your choice!
  • A bunch of touching, nostalgic bullshit about baseball

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