By: Dumbshit Mountain

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Problem Cops

Coming to TV this fall, catch the cop drama that has more dramatic cops than any other show in the world, Problem Cops! Written and Directed by Stephen Perlstein Starring: Gene Augusto – Will Do Anything To Get Ahead Joseph Clift – Druggie Cop Michael Geniac – Cop who lost his wife Michael Geniac – Cop who lost his son Nick Gligor – Cold War KGB Spy Stephen Perlstein – Haunted Cop Erik Kuska – Ghost Cop Ryan Haley – Tough gay cop Javier Ortiz – Sociopath Paul Welsh – Newspaper a day early Lilan Bowden – Pretending to be a man cop Jonny Svarzbein – Scientist, not a cop Puppet Cop – Opperated by Erik Kuska

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