By: Cunning Ape

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LeBron James – It’s in My Blood

LeBron lives the way he plays… with similar results.

Starring in the order of appearance, Chidi Ajufo as Lebron James, Fareed Williams, Megan Thomas, Alvin Knight Sr., Kenny Apel, Keiko Terashima, & Krystal Mula.
A Cunning Ape Production. Written by Paul Swiatek. Executive Producers Paul Swiatek, Mike Swiatek, Josh Swick, Preston Purchase. Produced by Mike Swiatek, Josh Swick. Directed by Alex Jacobs. Cinematography by Phillip Jackson. Camera Assistant Mike McClure. 2nd Camera Assistant Gabi Gil. Sound recording by Vlad Kudryatsev. Wardrobe by Emilyna Cullen. Special Thanks to Yone Hauseman and Reyna Chavillo for all their help. And a great big thank you to Jesse Newman-Lindorf for being an incredible editor.

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