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Sides & Rides w/ Bella Thorne, Max Schneider

How do Hollywood's hottest kid actors get to their auditions? Sides & Rides gets them there on-time and in-character!

Director Jody Lambert
Writers Jody Lambert & Matt Oberg
Starring Matt Oberg, Bella Thorne, Max Schneider
Featuring Jennifer Lafleur, Bill Coelius, Nat Sanders
The Kids Skylar Fisher-Duddy, Luna Fisher-Duddy, True Fisher-Duddy, Avery Prince, Holden Chabot, Carly Prince, Delaney Prince
Producer Matt Mazany
Director of Photography PH O'Brien
Editor John Ford
Associate Producer Ben Parks
Sound by Botown Sound
Sound Mixer Danny Carpenter
Special Thanks -Taylor Williams, Tricia Fisher, Chris Duddy, Joely Fisher, Jennifer Prince, Christopher Carley
SIDES & RIDES Sign designed by Jane Mella

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