By: Pat O'Brien

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The 26 Absolute Worst Summer Jobs

  • Sunburn model
  • Hot dog finisher
  • The guy who still has to work at the ice skating rink which is still technically open just in case someone wants to go ice skating
  • Illegal fireworks mule
  • McDonald's intern (unpaid)
  • Butterfly poisoner
  • Vengeful ghost of boy who drowned at summer camp
  • Seasonal Fart Sniffer
  • A scarecrow
  • The Scarecrow (from Batman – he currently works in the laundry room of Arkham Asylum and its a mess)
  • DMV blogger
  • Your unemployed father's old job
  • Owner and operator of roadside beef stew kiosk
  • Print journalist
  • Disgraced puppeteer
  • Band-Aid Boy at public pool
  • (Summer) sex slave
  • Door-to-door corn shucker
  • Running lawnmower clog-removal specialist
  • Fluffer fluffer
  • Minor League ball player in the twilight of his career who's realizing he's never gonna make it to the Majors
  • Deathguard
  • Reverse lifeguard (much different from deathguard)
  • Live-in bathroom attendant
  • Constant target of neighborhood bullies
  • Chris Brown's PR person

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