By: Paul Gale

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Brand New Season, Brand New Shows Named After Fancy Articles of Clothing.


Synopsis: Jean Michel Lejiroux has been imprisoned on Riker's Island since 1998 for holding up a croissanteria on the Lower East Side. When faced with the real world after 15 years of isolation, will he be able to escape his life of particularly French crimes? Also, he's a breakdancer. Not a particularly good one, but it's part of who he is.

Slacks.jpgSynopsis: Detective Ront Slacks fights to iron out the creases of Chicago’s South Side. But is he tightening his own belt a few too many notches in the process? Yes. The answer is yes.

Oxford.jpgSynopsis: Thomas Shirt, a 27-year-old NSA agent, travels the globe arresting cyber criminals. His life is unbuttoned when he is assigned to a case in Oxford, England, where he meets his birth father: infamous serial killer Ralph Lauren.


Synopsis: Bertha Collar is the heir to a tiny pieces of plastic conglomerate. When faced with the choice of taking over the family business or joining the NYPD, will she leave the money behind, or will she stays?


Synopsis: Michael Tie has a mole on his face. That's it.

USA: Well Dressed Characters Welcome.

written by Paul Gale and Ashley Glicken

shops by Paul Gale

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