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The Philanthropist (Starring Tom Lennon and Elaine Carroll)

Responding to a Craigslist ad, DIANE meets IKE POOLE (an accidental millionaire and philanthropist) at the headquarters of The Poole Foundation (currently located in a Chipotle restaurant) to interview for an internship.

Starring: Tom Lennon, Elaine Carroll
Featuring: Matty Cardarople, Wade Allain-Marcus, Mar Mar
Created by: Alex Schwartz and David Grossbach
Written by: Matt Smith
Directed by: Mitch Marcus
Producer: Matt Smith, Alex Schwartz, Mitch Marcus, David Grossbach
Executive Producer: Kris Meyer
Editor: David Grossbach
Composer: Jeff J. Findley
UPM: Kristen Grant
Camera Operator: Joe Lorenzetti
Sound: Mike Geier
Costume Designer: Kellen Richards
Key Hair/Make-Up: Christine Nelli
Production Assistants: Rab Berry, Laura Bittman, Mitchell Elling, Wesley Whiteside
Catering: Pitfire Pizza
Special Thanks: Chipotle, Jesse Coulter, Aron Warner, Melissa Berger, David Lincoln

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