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The Alex Rodriguez “Fan on the Street” Challenge

There's been a lot of angry chest-thumping lately (even more than usual!) about controversial New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. Though he's long been a popular target for baseball fans, A-Rod hating seems to be reaching a fever pitch, which begs the question: “Do people really hate this guy as much as they say they do?”. We were skeptical, so we thought we'd put baseball fans “hatred” to the test with a fun experiment we like to call “The Alex Rodriguez 'Fan on the Street' Challenge!” ‘

Here's the plan: we send our red-headed intern, Jon Oliver, to various locations around New York City dressed in an A-Rod jersey and watch how fans react to him. He'll be armed with nothing but his winning smile, positive attitude and a few choice comebacks:

“Takes one to know one, right?!”

“Well, everyone's entitled to their opinion!”

“Hey, YOU try getting out there and socking those dingers! Haha, just kidding, have a great day.”

So bring it on, New York! We're ready for your jokes, good-natured barbs ‘and maybe even a few “disses”! Because hey, at the end of the day, it's only a game, right? Now let's have some fun!

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