By: Julie Klausner

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Cats on Film

She's been directing cat videos for fifteen years and you may not even know her name. She's Shula Von Hollow and she's the industry's premiere cat video auteur.

Featuring Julie Klausner and Alex Scordelis
Cats: Radar and Aubie
Writers: Julie Klausner, Alex Scordelis, Lauren Palmigiano & Jake Fogelnest
Director: Lauren Palmigiano
Producer: Hesley Harps, Ben Sheehan
Editors: Jack Bishop & Justin Nijm
DP: Jonathan Nicholas
1st AC: Ali Nusrat
Key Grip: Sean Delahunt
Gaffer: Michael Swiatek
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Wardrobe Stylist: Melissa McNeely
Hair and Makeup: Emily Dawn
Sound: Shannon Deane for BoTown Sound
PA: Lauren Palmer

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