By: Brandon Scott Wolf

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What To Keep An Eye Out For This NFL Season

There are a handful of things every season that casual and die-hard NFL fans need to keep an eye out for and here’s this year’s definitive list:

1. Tackling

2. Interceptions

3. Fumbles

4. Receptions

5. The Super Bowl

6. Certain players

7. The ball itself

8. Sadly, analysts on SportsCenter have lists that are pretty much identical to this one

9. For real though. Herm Edwards said to ‘Keep an eye out for tackling this NFL season,” on SportsCenter just the other day

10. Like come on, ESPN. Tackling? Really? That's actually on your “What To Keep An Eye Out For This NFL Season,” list?

11. Well, why don't we see what else would be on this list?

12. Grass maybe

13. Field goal posts

14. Endzones

15. Fans

16. This is dumb

17. This is so dumb

18. Like REALLY dumb

19. But I still can't get over the fact that he said “Tackling”

20. Alright, whatever. I guess it's not that big of a deal

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