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Breaking Bad Trivia

Did you know ‘

Most actual high school chemistry teachers spend the bulk of their careers in a classroom preparing students for exams and rarely, if ever, synthesize street drugs. Vince Gilligan admits he added the concept to make the show more entertaining.

Like his character Hank Schrader, Dean Norris is both bald and male.

In preparation for her role as Skyler, Anna Gunn spent the first two years of her life learning English and continued to take classes on the language for over 10 years after that.

Before Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston was most famous for playing Malcom’s Dad on the show Malcolm in the Middle. Eagle-eyed Seinfeld fans may also recognize him from his small role as a character named Kramer.

The karaoke song Gale is singing on the DVD Hank shows Walt is ‘Major Tom (Coming Home),” created in 1983 by German Synthpop star Peter Schilling specifically for Breaking Bad.

RJ Mitte was first only cast as an extra with cerebral palsy living in the Whites’ home before creator Vince Gilligan saw fans’ reactions and made him Walt’s son.

Bob Odernkirk, born Bob Odenkirkkk, shortened his name when he became an actor.

Although Breaking Bad is sometimes credited for inventing Jesse’s catchphrase ‘bitch,” the word appeared as early as 2000 in the Trina song ‘Baddest Bitch.”

The title ‘Breaking Bad” comes from the commonly used street slang for great or inspired dancing.

Walter White was originally supposed to die in the first episode, and the rest of the series would follow the character Emilio Koyama. Bryan Cranston improvised the phosphine gas scene, and Vince Gilligan loved it so much he kept it.

The name of Gus Fring’s restaurant is Los Pollos Hermanos, which translated to English means ‘birds with both genitals.”

Actor JJ Max was cast as Walter White before Cranston but was later fired for not having any chemical symbols in his name.

AMC returns to airing bulk agricultural commodity home shopping programming Monday through Saturday.

Badger and Skinny Pete were pulled from the list of nicknames Vince Gilligan uses for all his body parts, but he has not revealed which they are.

While he had regularly done crystal meth, Aaron Paul had never heard of New Mexico nor seen a television show before appearing on Breaking Bad.

AMC is moving forward with a spin-off series about Jesse Plemons' Breaking Bad character that takes place before he meets Walter White and follows his interactions as the evil twin to his brother Landry.

Crystal Meth is really not that bad for you.

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