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Links! The 20 Best Characters from Conan’s Late Night Shows, Key & Peele’s East/West Bowl 2 and More!


The end of summer got you down? Then let these great links help cheer you up.

The 20 Best Characters From Conan O’Brien’s Late Night Shows – Splitsider
If One TV Show Had Opening Credits Like Some Other TV Show – Cracked
11 Literary Fart Jokes – Mental Floss
Simon Pegg Shows Off His 12 Stages of Drunkenness – Team Coco
Every Illiterate Charlie Moment on It’s Always Sunny – Vulture
Key & Peele Have More Ridiculously-Named College Footballers in East/West Bowl 2 – Extra Mustard
10 Jaw-Dropping Moments from the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Video – The Onion

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