By: Navid Negahban

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How To Be A Terrorist – in Hollywood with Abu Nazir

Homeland's Navid Negahban has plenty of great tips on how to be Hollywood's next favorite brown-skinned terrorist.

Starring – Navid Negahban, Thom Bishops, Ahmed Ahmed, Amir K, Noureen DeWulf, Eman Morgan, Tony Rodriguez, Scott Rodgers, Maz Jabroni & Reza Breakstone
Writer/Director – Chris Farah
Editor – Michael Burke & John Ford
DP – Aaron Ulrich
Producer – Thom Bishops, Alex Richanbach
Gaffer – David Cronin
Production Design – Tricia Robertson
Sound – Peter Olsted for BoTown Sound
Hair and Makeup – Ashley Ann Harris
Wardrobe – Melissa Gould McNeely
First AD – Becca Scheuer
PAs – Ross Buran, Ryan Phillips

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