By: Rebecca Romijn

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The Hand Bra by Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca is so excited to tell you about her handy new product, inspired from the world of modeling.

Starring Rebecca Romijn
Featuring Jerry Wolf, Mary Holland, Ally Hord, Bette Bentley, Alicia St. Louis, Elle Sunkara, Bryan Safi
Written by Ally Hord
Directed by Lauren Palmigiano
DP: Jonathan Nicholas
Producer: Bette Bentley
Editor: John Ford
Color Correction: Andy Maxwell
AD – John McKay
1st AC – Matthew Knudsen
2nd AC – Adam Bial
DIT – Joel Terry
Gaffer – Joseph Booth
BB Electric – Joseph Henderson
Key Grip – Jason Webster
BB Grip – Brad Carr
Grip – Matt Sweeney
Production Designer – Tricia Robertson
Art Director – Mike Robertson
Makeup – Brenna Haukendahl
Sound Mixer – Ryan Kaiser
Wardrobe – Tala Bakhtar
PA – Andrew Grissom & Cole Mcfarlane

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