By: Andrew Fernandez

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Major Lazer Bubble Butt Parody – Snuggle Pup

“SNUGGLE PUP” by The Yip Yip Sisters — For more videos by the Yip Yip Sisters, visit: http://yipyipsisters.comhttp://www.amyhessler.com — For more from Andrew Fernandez, go to: —- And find us on Twitter! @amyehessler – @ladyscoutington – @frankwarden

Director – Andrew Fernandez
Director of Photography – Christopher Lamb
Music Producer – Babs Singer
Artists – The Yip Yip Sisters (Scout Durwood & Amy Hessler)
Dog Lovers – Ryan Barber, Amber Lopez, Nicole Amiee Schreiber, Tim Stafford, Brian Swinehart
Pole Dancer – Katie Greene Berlow
Dancers – Kelsie Koziol and Katie Orr
In the Club – Sarah King and Tim Stafford
Dogs – Omelette, Prince, Buddy, Kennedy, Phil
We ‘d like to extend a very special thanks to:
Daniel Cummings
Tony Sacco
Lindsay Molnar and Amber Lopez

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