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NFL Cheerleader Injury Report, Week 12

NFL Cheerleader Injury Report, Week 12

We are twelve weeks into the NFL cheerleading season, which means that big name injuries are starting to add up. Dr. Richard Lee provides insights on the most significant injuries, the most important position changes, and the expected impact to your fantasy cheerleading squads.

Explosive rookie Becca Laredo of the Houston Texans will be out for three games with a torn rotator cuff. Fantasy cheerleading directors will definitely feel her loss as she is uniquely versatile, as gifted with her down-ups as her left-rights. She has been averaging 2.6 televised face close-ups per game, and broke the all-time Texans record for most consecutive seconds shown on the jumbotron (5.4 seeconds).

Barbi Daniels of the Kansas City Chiefs is expected to be placed on the inactive list for one game due to the discovery of very visible red rashes running down both of her legs. This is a stroke of horrible luck as she is crucial to the Chiefs’ Wildcat play (the one where she dances like a wild cat).

Highly anticipated Melanie Selena of the Seattle Sea Gals will be out for the rest of the season as a result of being sweaty. The squad change comes as no surprise as she was getting less and less cheer time after a disappointing performance in Game 1 when her bangs were visibly stuck to her forehead.

Dawn Andrews of the Carolina Panthers is questionable for her next game against the Buffalo Jills. Blog reports that it will be a gametime decision whether she is able to cheer on her sprained ankle. Fantasy cheerleading directors should probably risk it and start her because she is known to have breakout games against the Falcons. Last year in Atlanta, she had 6 cartwheels, 3 backflips, and 8 high fives (5 received, 3 given).

Center Asian Linh Wu of the Kansas City Chiefs had been on pace to recover from a hairline fracture of her right (dominant cheering) thumb; however, on Monday, a large patch of a particularly visible strain of rash was discovered on her chest. Second and third string Asians Kira Wang and Linda Xi will be competing this week for her spot.

An even-keeled leader in the locker room, Melanie Saxe of the Atlanta Falcons is expected to be fully recovered from her unattractive pink eye by Sunday.

Bad-girl Sandra Burke of the Oakland Raiders will be back in the lineup next Sunday after having completed her jail time. Arrested last year for bringing a gun into a roller skating rink, she was sentenced to six months in jail and fined $20,000 by the league. On Wednesday, she was back at practice, and squad director Julie Mortenson said Burke “sparkles as bright as ever.”

Doctors are cautiously optimistic that Betsy Smith, Victoria Ellis, Kendra Eckerd, Robin Day, Dianna Melrose, Leslie Faxon, Leila Rayburn, and Erica Thompson all of the Kansas City Chiefs will have their rashes under control by game day.

Kansas City Chiefs cheerleading director Stacie Thompson is currently under review and may be fired after having thoughtlessly selected “Among the Sumac and Ivy in the Kansas City Botanical Garden” as this year’s swimsuit calendar theme. All of the proceeds from calendar sales will support local landmark, the Kansas City Botanical Garden.

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