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The Chris Brown Headline Generator

Chris Brown was once again arrested for assault this Sunday morning after an altercation with a man who tried to get into a picture with Brown and two other people. According to the police report, Brown told him, ‘I’m not down with that gay shit” and ‘I feel like boxing.” The exact context of Brown’s remarks was not immediately clear.

What is clear is that this is clearly not the last time Brown will be arrested for a similar offense. But why wait to read the headline when you can make your own?

Follow this simple formula: Chris Brown ______ _______ at the ________; overheard saying “___________” = CHRIS BROWN NEWS.

Example: “Chris Brown punches Aladdin at the HBO Upronts; overhead saying 'Wayne's World 2 holds up more than Wayne's World 1.'”

Use the handy guide below to come up with you own!

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