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Treat Guidelines For Our First Grade Halloween Party

Greetings Bernville Elementary parents! Our class Halloween party is coming up in the next week, and our first graders are gearing up for the celebration. Before we get to the fun stuff, I want to pass along these guidelines about the Halloween treats for our party. These are to ensure the safety of all our students and adhere to the school’s philosophy, so please keep them in mind when preparing for the festivities this Thursday!

  • Store-bought treats must be sealed and unopened.

  • Homemade treats must have ingredients listed to avoid any food allergies.

  • All treats must be flat so they can fit through the slots of the children’s custom-made treat baskets.

  • All treats should be monochromatic to not rile up the children.

  • Treats labeled ‘king-size” must be relabeled with a gender neutral designation (suggestion: ‘royalty-size” or ‘extra large”).

  • Homemade treats should be healthy and nutritious and made with organic foods and ingredients. But they should still be tasty, you know?

  • Treats should be light and soft, in case any of our rambunctious children throw them at others, or too heavy to throw.

  • Please black out with a marker all brand names on store bought treats, while leaving intact any relabeled ‘king-size” designations.

  • All treats should be gentle on the gums.

  • Please do not give spooky names to your homemade treats. No matter how innocent it seems, they tend to terrify the children.

  • Homemade treats should be prepared no earlier than 6 A.M. the morning of our Halloween celebration to ensure freshness.

  • Please no store-bought treats that have a jingle on their commercials. When I see the products, the jingles gets stuck in my head and that irritates me.

  • Do not black out brand names if they are generic. The children deserve to know if they are eating inferior candy.

  • The calorie content of each treat should be 2.75%-4% of each child’s daily caloric intake.

  • Please black out Halloween imagery on candy wrappers as it has a history of frightening the children.

  • Store-bought treats should be purchased no earlier than 6 A.M. the morning of our Halloween celebration to ensure freshness.

  • No pointy treats.

  • When blacking out brand names and Halloween imagery, please use a color less scary than black.

  • No treats with pumpkin spice in it. We’re all just a little tired of that.

Thank you for following these guidelines! Please be aware that zero of these guidelines apply to Christmas and Easter treats and you will be receiving a dramatically different list for those parties when the time comes.


Ms. Williger

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