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Written It Down – Episode 3

“Delivering hard news is hard to do, especially when you don't know what it is.” A completely unscripted new comedy show that puts two people in the ultimate uncomfortable situation without any idea where it's going to go next. With some of the freshest faces in improvised comedy, this show extends beyond the stage to take impro where it ‘s suited best, the real world. Be it a coffee shop, a bar, an office or a squash court, Written It Down is the show that takes the ordinary and makes it hilarious. And the best bit, no one knows quite what to expect.

A Real Good Kid Production
Directed by Dave Zwolenski
Created & Produced by Matt Saraceni & Dave Zwolenski @iamnotmatt @davezwol
Special thanks to Imogen Thomas, Matt Peterson, Shane McMillan Sebastian Fiore, Cameron Neill, all the ‘Big HOO-HAA! ‘ guys AND Simon and the gang at Hektor Woodleys. Improv comedy at its finest.

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