By: David Krumholtz

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Lady Time: 2 Dry 2 Furious

With special guest, David Krumholtz! On this episode of Lady Time, the gals throw Eleanor a bridal shower, but her very dry vagina dampens the mood. Next week on Lady Time, these savvy Sally's invest in a pyramid scheme!

Starring: David Krumholtz, Ally Hord, Allyn Rachel, Juliet Seniff, Betsy Sodaro & Marissa Strickland
Featuring: Fred Stoverink
Writer: Juliet Seniff
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Producer: Becca Scheuer & Rachel Goldenberg
Editors: Chris Poole
Graphics: Caleb Swyers
Coordinator: Sean Boring
DP: Berenice Eveno
B Cam Op: Sevdije Kastrati
1st AC: Nathan Kelley
Gaffer: Avihai Yaffe
Key Grip: Tony Jou
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Sound: Ben Forman
Boom Op: Derek Osedach
Makeup: Carleigh Herbert
Makeup Asst: Adrienne Booth
PA: Ross Buran
Special Thanks: Bryan Safi, Ryan Perez, Jack Allison, Darryl Gudmundson

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