By: Pat O'Brien

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11 Possible Guestbook Entries From Justin Bieber’s Brothel Visit

The Biebs and his entourage were recently spotted leaving “Centaurus”, a popular brothel in Rio de Janeiro. We all know how much Justin likes leaving insightful thoughts in the guestbooks of establishments he visits, so here are some possible entries from his recent trip to the big-boy hooker house.


Some other possible parting words from Justin:

  • “Sorry, girl, I’m breaking up with you”
  • “Peeing on things is way more expensive here”
  • “Mom?”
  • “All the girls looked like Usher. This is my kind of place!”
  • “Is my image manly enough yet? Can I stop all this now? Please?”
  • Girl, you were my Pretty Woman and I was your your Richard Gere…thanks for sticking those gerbils up my ass”
  • “For and extra $50, they’ll pretend you have more twitter followers than Katy Perry – super hot”
  • “Is this what human contact feels like? Why can’t I love?”
  • “Wait, you have to pay?”
  • “I was the prettiest one here”

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