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Links! Aziz Ansari’s Deleted Scenes from Gravity, 40 Signs That TV Executives Are Dumb and More!


Get the whole family together and enjoy this week's links together.

Aziz Ansari Is in the Deleted Scenes of GravityTeam Coco
How We Did It: SNL – The Midnight Coterie of Sinister IntrudersAlex Buono
23 Hilariously Misspelled Names on Starbucks Coffee Cups – Thrillist
Nick Offerman, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel All Named Top Men of 2013 – Ask Men
40 Signs That TV Executives Are Dumb – Uproxx
Watch Adam Scott’s Latest Greatest Event in Television HistorySplitsider
6 Startling Before and After Photos of Meth Users – The Onion

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