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Jerry – Dentally Challenged

Windy City Teeth has a new patient who gets on everyone’s nerves more than a root canal.

Written and directed by Dave Urlakis. Starring Yadira Correa, Geoff Crump, Kate Lambert, Sherra Lasley, Marz Timms, and Dave Urlakis. Ms. Lasley’s Hair ‘ Molly Lartz. Directors of Photography ‘ Alex Sherman and Ben Sherman. Sound Recordists ‘ Stuart McFadyen and Andrew Jennings. Editor ‘ Ryan DiGiorgi. Theme song ‘ Jason Knox. Windy City Teeth sign ‘ Dave Innis. Dental Consultant ‘ Dr. Nimesha Patel DDS. Shot on location at Sparrow Dental, Chicago, IL. Special thanks to John Balsan, Sean Cusick, Omar Muniz, and Chris Weil.

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