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MFA: The Web Series Episode 1

What happens when two lost souls dive head first into a graduate fine arts program? MFA: The Web Series follows Langston and Tyler as they go through the orientation process and get ready for the first day of school, meeting their new classmates and opening themselves up to a whole new world of people and experiences. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Created and Written by:
Tyler Newhouse & Langston Antosek
Director & Cinematographer:
Daniel Hubbard
Produced by:
Tyler Newhouse
Edited by:
Tyler Newhouse & Eugene Fleischmann
Sound Engineer:
Eugene Fleischmann
Langston Antosek
Tyler Newhouse
Sammi Cains
Dana Clinkman
Eamonn Giblin
Matt Renskers
Tami Soligan
Jenny St. Angelo
Alex Viola
Jacob Williams

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