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Little Horribles: Two Parties, One Night [Ep. 12]

A darkly comedic web series following the poor decisions of a self-indulgent lesbian. See more at

Asif Ali
Baron Vaughn
Lauren Cook
Jenn Schatz
Kali Hawk
Amy York Rubin
Nicole Shabtai
Zach Sherwin
Nicole Delgado
Emily Karakowsky
Marvin Lemus
Igor Hiller
Jason Powell
Saadat Awan
Created + Written by Amy York Rubin
Directed by Amy York Rubin
Executive Producer: Issa Rae
Director of Photography: Harry Frith
Second Camera: Will Lamborn
Sound: Travis Brown
Production Assistant: Marc Gallant
Editor: Jenny Filippazzo
Story Consultants: Sarah Streicher and Sam Biederman
Music by: Aaron Olson
Title Design: Andrew Glickfield and Chris Svetlik

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