By: Jonathan Scott

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Makeover Manor

What happens when you throw the biggest names in design & style into a house together and leave the cameras rolling? They tear each other to pieces!


Drew Scott
JD Scott
Jonathan Scott
Scott McGillivray
Candice Olson
Bryan Baeumler
Hilary Farr
David Visentin
Ty Pennington
Sandra Rinomato
Sammi Giancola
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Jonathan Scott Executive Producer/Writer
JD Scott Producer/Writer
Linda Phan Producer
Drew Scott Director/Writer
Deanna Melito 1st AD
Marc Poirier 2nd AD
Mark Renaudin DOP
Chris Matthews DOP
Matt Clayson DOP
Chris Marsall Camera/Green Screen
Matt DeFranza Camera
Craig Gordon Camera
Chet Tilokani Camera Asst
Brian Whitty Sound
Dave Ryan Sound
Andre French Sound
Belinda Moss Makeup/Hair
Marnie Brooks Makeup/Hair
Summer Garcia Makeup/Hair

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