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Written it Down – Season 2 Episode 3

“Delivering bad news is hard to do… especially when you don't know what it is” “Written it Down” is an unscripted comedy where the actors have no idea what the scene is going to be about. Season 2 has comedians firing each other, without knowing the reason until they read it on screen for the first time. What follows is a hilarious, 100% improvised scene where no-one has any idea where the story will go next.

Episode 3 starring: Lee Naimo and Luke Joseph Ryan
A Real Good Kid Production
Created by Matt Saraceni (@iamnotmatt) & Dave Zwolenski (@davezwol)
Directed by Dave Zwolenski
Special thanks to Sarah Reuben and Sebastian Fiore and all the “Big HOO-HAA!” guys. Improv comedy at its finest.

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