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Links! The Return of NFL Bad Lip Reading, 8 Different ‘Her’ Parodies Called ‘Him’ and More!

Get ready to rock out to some of the best links the world has ever heard.

Bad Lip Reading Is Back with Another Hilarious NFL Version – Bleacher Report
Watch Adam Scott and Paul Rudd’s Bosom Buddies Reenactment Side by Side With the Original – Vulture
Bishops Finger, Santa’s Butt, and 11 Other British Beers with Weird Names – Thrillist
8 (and Counting) ‘Her’ Parodies Called ‘Him’ – Splitsider
Justin Bieber’s Bratty Court Appearance – Team Coco
13 Hilariously Subtle Ways To Be A Rebel – Huffpost Comedy
Jimmy Fallon Brings the Tonight Show Back to Its New York Roots – Vanity Fair
Larry David Insults Anyone and Everyone in this ‘Curb’ Supercut – Mandatory

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