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Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl Tweets

Denver Broncos quarterback and NFL superstar Peyton Manning claims he doesn’t have a Twitter account. But after some careful snooping, we were able to uncover Peyton’s secret, personal Twitter feed (@manningdude76) and gain some insight into his thinking during last night’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks. It’s important to remember that this is, without question, Peyton Manning’s real Twitter feed, sent directly from his personal smart phone during the Super Bowl. We can’t tell you how we know that, but trust us, it definitely is.

As he should be, Peyton is starting off the day with a lot of enthusiasm for the big game.

He’s really excited. And surprisingly, a little nervous.

Well, okay. That is something that is also happening tonight. Who would’ve thought this future hall-of-famer was such a fan of HBO’s Sunday night lineup?

Wow, Peyton seems to be a really big HBO fan.

A really, really big fan.

Well, it’s good he remembered his password, but is it strange he hasn’t mentioned the Super Bowl yet? Kickoff is just a few hours away.

This seems to be Peyton just sharing a random thought about Lena Dunham’s character on the HBO series “Girls.”

A few minutes later, another seemingly random thought about the latest episode of the HBO drama “True Detective.”

And one more about the HBO show “Looking.”

Finally. Sent one minute before the Broncos ran out on the field, this is Peyton’s first reference to the fact that he was playing in the biggest event in professional sports. And, for some reason, he wants it over quickly so he can watch TV.

Tweeted at the beginning of the second quarter, “Detective Cohle” refers to Matthew McConaughey’s character on “True Detective” and a large police notebook he carries around. At this point, the score was Seattle 8, Denver 0.

Followed by another seemingly random reference to HBO. The score was Seattle 15, Denver 0.

Amazingly, this appears to be the first time Peyton actually notices the score of the game.

In this exchange, Peyton is apparently notified by his brother Eli Manning (via his own secret Twitter account) that HBO will not be airing a new episode of “True Detective” that night. It was half time, and the score was Seattle 22, Denver 0.

Again, Peyton seems bizarrely unaware the Super Bowl is going on.

Here, it appears that Peyton is trying to harass the HBO Twitter account into explaining why the network will not be showing “True Detective.”

Meanwhile, it’s the third quarter and the score was Seattle 29, Denver 0.

This might be a good idea…

Well, at least he finally seems affected by the game in his final tweet of the night.

Overall, Peyton’s feelings from last night’s game can best be summed up by this:

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