By: Paul Gale

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The Truth About Being Single

People stay single for the most ridiculous reasons! Subscribe: Twitter Instagram Director/DP: T.J. Misny [] Written by Paul Gale []

Her Parody (ft. “Seth Rogen”)
Magician Sex
Pigeon Pick Up Artist
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Director/DP: T.J. Misny []
Written by Paul Gale []
Jane: Lauren Ireland
John: Paul Gale
Subway Couple: Shalyah Evans [] + John Murray []
Woman at Dinner: Nicole Pasquale []
Man in Taxi: Matthew Rogers []
Woman in Bedroom: Margy Love
Consulting Producer: Zack Phillips
Sound Engineer and Mixer: Hunter Berk
Sound Recordist: Sasha Larco
Visual Effects: Ed Mundy
Production Assistants: Ida Chelengar, Matthew Ryan Hunter, Harrison Heller, Ethan Mermelstein, Evander Sumortin, and Brandon Zelman
Extras: Sydney Applebaum, Elyse Brandau, Talya Davidoff, Sudi Green, Samantha Jane, Adam Lapetina, Janel Rabbani, Herbie Rosen, Amanda Shechtman, Joshua Louis Simon, and Sara Wiesenfeld.
Shot on an Arri Alexa.
Locations provided by:
No Fun NYC []
Village Taverna []
La Mano Pottery []
Karaoke Boho []
Special thanks to Talia Koren, Hanna Wellish, Kyle Sauer, Dana Cohen, and John Long for their input.
Thanks for watching!

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