By: Melanie Burstin

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Crumblr! It’s Tinder 2.0. But Sweeter.

Has Tinder left you swiping right for days with not a match to speak of? Well that ‘s why Crumblr was created! A new dating app that connects you with something sweet at the end of the day, guaran-fucking-teed.

Sinead Persaud
Alex Ovadia
Melanie Burstin
Rachel Lyle
Ashley Nedd
Nikki Mckenzie
Angie Cuseo
Brad Hendrickson
Director: Ryan Ovadia
Written by: Alex Ovadia & Melanie Burstin
Cinematography: Daniel Ainsworth
Editor: Julien Lormant
Sound: Corey ‘C-Train ‘ Hastings
VFX: Daniel Ainsworth & Julien Lormant

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