By: Zack Poitras

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House of Cards Recapped with Actual Playing Cards: Season 2, Episode 2


Hey House of Cards fantatics! Here's the second episode of House of Cards recapped using playing cards. You probably drank this episode down two minutes after tossing the empty can of the first out the window, but it's still important to take a moment and look at the big events of each chapter of this epic drama.

Kicking off the episode, Frank Underwood is sworn in as vice president, with his beautiful wife Claire at his side:

Then, Claire dropped a bombshell, telling Frank that a man he was about to pin a medal on raped her in college. Frank was not happy:

Not wanting to cause a scene, Frank pinned the medal on the general anyway. But he did manage to sneak in a slight to the awful bastard, just between them:

Then a bunch of deals happened. People sat in rooms and double and triple crossed each other left and right. But, perhaps most importantly (?), there was some stuff about China that business man Raymond Tusk was not happy about:

Well, there it is. Season 2, Chapter 15/Episode 2 in a nutshell of cards. Join us next week to see what goes down in Chapter 16, also known as Episode 3!

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