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Test Your Knowledge of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict with Our Definitive True or False Quiz

The current situation between Russia and the Ukraine is a complicated one, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Test your knowledge of the ongoing conflict and finally get some definitive answers with this 100% accurate True or False quiz:

Russian troops are wearing unmarked uniforms because they’re “not into labels.”

Russia and Ukraine are fighting for control of the region’s borsht.

Ukraine is hiding WMDs.

Russian troops have been bullying Crimea to rejoin by calling them mean names like “Grimea” and “Slimea.”

If the situation escalates to full-blown war, Putin wants all combat to be “shirts vs. skins”

“Kiev” is short for “Kievin.”

Russia invading Ukraine is a clear violation of International Bro Code.

It’s all Pussy Riot’s fault.

Putin rode into Ukraine on a giant winged horse.

Russia is Spanish for “Loose Pant Leg.”

In Russia, rainbows are only the color red, and they scream.

The Russian border is surrounded by an army of sexy, shirtless musclemen known as the “Vlad Lads.”

The Ukraine dropped the “The” after seeing The Social Network and are now just

Putin is the only world leader to have seen every episode of both Friends and Frasier.

A popular Russian pastime is telling your mother you’ve never loved her.

Ousted Ukrainian leader Viktor F. Yanukovych now makes funny parody songs under the alias “Weird Vik” Yanukovych.

During the Russian Winter, trees are referred to as “Naked Spines.”

In the middle of the Ukraine, hidden in a closet, is a pristine copy of the Vanna White Playboy.

In Russia, you only own your car while you are driving on the highway in daylight.

The film Rocky IV was inspired by Putin once walking up some stairs to punch someone.

It is physically impossible to blow soap bubbles in Russia.

The ticking of a Russian clock is designed to sound exactly like the heartbeat of the owner’s dead lover.

Russia is the only country where squirrels commit suicide.

In Russia, mounds of dirt are called “sofas.”

Belarus rhymes with “Smell a Goose.”

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