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Grandfather Learns About Sexting…

by Josh Shultz & Ethan Cole Twitter: @shultzjosh @Ethan_Cole22 @YoungAndOldFilm

Ethan explains ‘Sexting ‘ to his 89-year-old Grandfather.
by Josh Shultz (@shultzjosh) & Ethan Cole (@EthanCole22)
Twitter: @shultzjosh @EthanCole22 @YoungAndOldFilm
Episode 3 of Explaining Things to my Grandfather
Josh Shultz – Director / Writer / Producer
Ethan Cole – Director / Writer / Producer / Grandson
Joe Cole & Lil Cole – Legendary Grandparents
Camera / Lighting
Noah Kendal
Dillon Nusca
Joe Morris
Konstantin Steshenko
Edited by
Drew MacLeod
School Editing /
Associate Producer
Daniel Jourdan
Special Thanks to
Kaley Stuart

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