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Women’s History (3 of 3)

Annie Oakley, Janet Reno, Martha Graham and Rosie The Riveter tell their unfiltered stories

Created and Written by Buzz Off, Lucille
@BuzzOffLucille /
Aaron Burdette (@AaronBurdette)
Ben McCarthy
Julie Rosing (@MidwestNYker) as Janet Reno
Molly Gaebe (@MollyGaebe) as Martha Graham
Jenn Roman (@JennRoman) as Rosie the Riveter
Abby Holland (@abby_holland) as Annie Oakley
Jenn Roman and Abby Holland
Additional Editing:
Amelia Cragle
Opening Graphics:
Cyndy Pisani
Special Thanks:
Pioneers Bar NYC
Buzz off, Lucille: Molly Gaebe, Abby Holland,
Jenn Roman and Julie Rosing
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